Practical Help for your child’s Music Theory Lessons

This is a question which often came up when we had our music school. The parents would come to us with questions like

“Shouldn’t my child be doing some theory homework?”

“What other theory practice can I get my child to do?”

“What can we do to improve my child’s grades in music theory at school?”

These questions are on the mind of every parent who’s child is doing music. Sometimes theory gets forgotten or put “on the back burner” by the teachers, who understandably have a great deal to cover in their lessons.

Theory is something that should be able to do be done at home – its something that with the right music theory materials and just a little bit of guidance from the teacher then should be simple for the child to learn by themselves.

If your child is preparing for a theory exam (which is a great thing to be doing!) then they’ll definitely need as much practice as possible! Don’t let them say..”I’ve done enough worksheets and practice” as one thing they definitely always need is more practice!

At the Fun Music Company we’ve been working hard at a new product which we have just released, called Printable Music Theory Books, which is a set of Music Theory Worksheets which cover all the bases when it comes to music theory.

We’ve designed it around the major examination systems around the world, structuring it into grades so that each level effectively covers the material in each grade.

It doesn’t matter if your child is going to do theory exams or not – if they are able and competent to go through our materials then you’ll know what level they are up to.

It’s brand new – and only just been released – so go right now and check out our brand new Printable Music Theory Books for parents who want to help their children learn music theory.