Kids Electronic Drum Set – Get These Options!

Do you want to help your child to explore his music traits? If yes, you may want to buy a channel that will sharpen your child’s creativity. It is here an electronic drum kit comes into play to help out. However, finding the right drum set for children is a time consuming and tedious task. The good news is you can ease your chore by exploring a quality and top electronic drum set for kids offered on Amazon by reliable brands as mentioned below that are great for kids of any age to learn on when getting interested in musical instruments.

As parents ourselves, we looked at real drum sets and not what would be considered toys.

Electronic Drum Set For Kids Recommendations

Here are the ones that we consider to be excellent choices – read each review as well.

Alesis Nitro Kit – Our Electronic Drum Kit For Kids Choice

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The Alesis Nitro kit is a complete 8-piece electronic set that has everything you need for playing like a pro drummer.

  • It features an 8-inch dual zone snare drum, three dynamic 8-inch tom pads and a kick pad with a pedal. You get to enjoy an unlimited range of playing expressions with three 10-inch cymbals.
  • To keep everything secure and solid, the set features a 4-post aluminum mounting racks.
  • The kit also includes the Nitro electronic drum module with numerous percussion sounds, 60 built-in play-along tracks and 40 different kits.

Features and accessories

The Alesis Nitro is an ideal entry level kit for young children that want to learn to play a drum set. Whether your kid loves drumming or is just starting out, this is a must have kit for any child.

  • With relevant inclusions such as the tom pads, snare drum and drum pad, there is no reason why Alesis Nitro should not be a preferred choice.
  • As far as durability is concerned, the kit has better longevity to last for a long time. While you may have to use the set with caution as directed, the kit will serve you uninterruptedly to loom out your music world. Just make sure you check the user manual and use it as instructed to keep it in good condition for years.

Roland TD-1KV – #2 Child Drum Set Choice

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The Roland TD-1KV kit is a fantastic way to start drumming; it is also ideal for space challenged setups.

  • The feel of the mesh snare head that comes with the set will definitely impress you. Even professional drummers are impressed by the convenience and overall playability of this small, compact kit.
  • The kit features a highly acclaimed drum set with 15 expressive drum kits. You get superior rebound and play feel with the mesh snare head.
  • The mix-in jack and the beater with less kick pedal are ideal for creating low noise, and this makes the kit an ideal choice in homes.

Features and accessories

  • Roland TD-1KV supports necessary acoustic drumming techniques, and this includes advanced hi-hat playing, cymbal choke and lots more.
  • Your child can develop playing skills using the onboard coach function, recorder and metronome.
  • The best part of this kit is it allows you to practice your own tracks played from your Smartphone.

While the kit comes with a slightly higher price tag, it includes everything you want to make your child a good drummer. Also, the set is highly durable to last longer. Additionally, it is supported by a solid warranty. As such, you can repair or replace the parts in case anything goes wrong with the parts of the drum set.

Pyle Pro 9 Piece Electronic Set

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This electronic drum set is a real all in one wonder.

  • It is lightweight, portable and super customizable.
  • For an acoustic response, all the pads of the set feature touch sensitivity.
  • The set comes with two pedals; as such, you can definitely get the feel of a hi-hat and a kick drum pedal.
  • You can power the drum kit with the AC adaptor (included with the kit) or you can go wireless and run the set with batteries.
  • The top panel control features an LCD screen and updated audio configuration controls that allow you to produce exclusive and customizable music.

Features and accessories

This is a highly versatile drum kit that resembles, sounds and plays like an actual drum set at a fractional size. You can record your own songs or play drums to pre-recorded ones as you wish. It is also possible to connect the drums to a computer with the USB cable.

You can play for a crowd by pumping up the volume using the digital drum machine. For a personal drumming session, you can take the benefit of the headphone jack and use the headphones for a personal drumming venture. Despite the top of the line features, the kit is pretty easy to maintain and use, which is why it is a preferred choice of many people.

What to look for in a kid’s electronic drum set

best kid electronic drum set

Expression and play-ability

The key parameter when looking for a drum kit are the feel and tone. Make sure to strike each drum pad as well as cymbal from every angle, soft and hard, listening to ascertain that the hardware will keep up with the nuanced, expressive play. Also, be certain that the tone feels authentic and full.

Durability and flexibility

Choosing an electronic kit that doesn’t support the playing position of your child will slow down the progress. It can even cause an injury. As such, it is necessary that you pay attention to the vital importance of the drum stand. The stand should be sufficiently tough to travel, ergonomic and tweakable as you like.

Quiet pad performance

If the cymbals and pads of your electronic kit are of inferior quality, then the tap of your sticks is sure to infuriate everybody in your building. In order to keep the decibels down, stay away from kits that come with layered-rubber pads. Instead, look for noise reducing pads and mesh heads.

Onboard songs and MP3/CD connectivity

To avoid boredom and improve dynamics, ensure that the kit includes features that allow you to enjoy music like a jam. An ideal sound module should have phase loops and ongoing songs. Additionally, the kit should let you import desired songs as MP3/WAV files.

Hardware upgrades possibility

Obviously, you don’t want a drum kit for a temporary time. So choose an entry level electronic kit that allows expansion and upgrading of the hardware. This will ensure that your child will get to enjoy an uninterrupted piece of hardware for trying his hands in drumming.


While investing in an electronic drum set, you may want to know how long the kit will last. A good quality set should be durable enough to withstand the testing of time, weather and travel bumps. Also, it should be covered by a solid warranty for wear and tear.

Kids Electronic Drums Bottom line

electronic drum sets for kids - best drums for child

A top rated electronic drum set for kids is a great gift to your child to exploit his music potential. The sound, the enthusiasm and zeal associated with drums are enough to motivate your kids in exploring his drumming potency. Just be sure you assess some of the best drum sets offered by reliable brands and check the guide on what to look for in a kid’s electronic drum set. Within no time, you could be able to pick the best drum set to introduce a new celebrity in the music world.

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