Best Electric Guitar For Kids With Small Hands

Typically, electric guitars are a little easier for smaller hands than acoustic models; however, it could still take a diligent search to find a guitar that truly suits your fingers. Your primary considerations will be the width and depth of the neck.

If your arms are also a bit short, purchasing a guitar with an undersized stock length could assist you in better reaching all the frets. There may be a fewer frets overall; however, the decrease in note selections will be worth it and ensure full use out of your instrument. Below are our recommendations for the best electric guitar for small hands:

Best Children’s Electric Guitar Recommendations

Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar

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This is an extremely solid maple guitar that is truly a thing of undeniable beauty. Pretty much any individual who is a real fan of the Fender Strat flair is almost certainly going to find this piece of art quite endearing. This electric guitar is available in the classic sunburst finish that a number of players seem to enjoy and it is also available in other colors.

The fretboard of this guitar has a 9.5-inch radius and this is slightly bigger than a number of the options that are available. However, it is still quite a reasonable size for players with smaller hands.


  • Very rich tone
  • Excellent finish quality
  • 9.5-inch radius fretboard
  • Classic appearance with modern add-ons


  • The pickups and/or tuners may need replacement

Overall, this electric guitar is a remarkable option for beginners, smaller players and even more skilled players who would like to attempt something new. This guitar is available with three single coil pickups, a rosewood fingerboard and a 5-way pickup selector switch designed to produce a variety of tones.

Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion

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Taking an epic leap forward, the Jackson JS Series guitars is making it much easier than ever to achieve the classic looks, tone and speedy playability of a Jackson instrument, without having to break the piggy bank. This new and innovative Dinky Minion JS1X is the perfect instrument for children who love to play. It is also ideal for adults who prefer to travel around more freely with an instrument that is small but still packed with the features they prefer on their guitar.

  • The JS1x Dinky has a 2/3-scale, speedy bolted on maple speed neck with graphite fortification, poplar body and a 12-radius rosewood fingerboard that plays host to 24 oversized frets.
  • There are also the standard shark fin inlays that Jackson is known for.

Other of its features includes its 22.5 scale length and its rear-angled headstock, which is designed to evenly distribute tension and reduce playing fatigue. In addition, there are die-cast tuners, three-way blade switching, sculpted heel designed for easily playing the upper register, jet black hardware, dual high-output humbucking pickups made famous by Jackson and a hard-tail, string-through-body bridge designed to produce a massive tone. There is also a case that is sold separately.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN

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The Ibanez GRGM21BKN Electric Guitar features a stylish and classic double-cutaway shape to its body.

  • In addition, it has a glossy finish over its solid wood body that is quite pleasing to behold.
  • This guitar also has a maple wood neck that holds 22 medium-sized frets and is a good fit.
  • Shark tooth inlays are used to decorate its Rosewood fret board and with its 6 strings and right-handed neck, this instrument is lightweight durable and hard not to love.

As it relates to sound, this truly impressive electric guitar is remarkable and amazingly clean. It should be noted that the sound is a little heavy due to the pickups. However although Ibanez does not fall among the top-end category when it comes to sound, it does not produce the frustrating low-end tone. It is essentially a mid-range instrument with impressive performance.

The Ibanez comes with humbuckers pickups and the standard power sound. You will get an excellent output from these passive pickups. Included in the control layout are tone thumbwheel buttons and the master volume. In addition, you receive a 3-way pickup switch designed to work the tone and sound variation, which leads to good quality sound.

Epiphone SG-Special

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The SG Special is among Epiphone’s most sough-after models from their lineup. This is largely because some of the most legendary players have been seen with this guitar. It is also popular among less famous players because it fits within the budget of a beginner.

It is basically an entry-level model and its hardware is the same as other entry level guitars produced by Epiphone. All of the hardware are made from chrome, which provides a visual contrast against the darker tone of the rest of the body.

This guitar is inexpensive; therefore, many people are surprised that its body is made out of solid alder. This delivers a high-quality tone that is normally found in costly guitars. A hard maple is used for the neck of the instrument, with a SlimTaper D-shape profile and a 24.75 -inch scale, which makes it fast and easy to play the guitar.

The SG Special Electric Guitar from Epiphone comes with a KillPot switch. This is designed to mute the instrument for a second when it is pushed. With this, the guitar has the capacity to manually affect the sound. It is actually quite a fun button to experiment and play around with.

What to Look for in a Kids’ Electronic Guitar

In addition to the considerations of aesthetics and tone, which are usually a matter of personal preference, comfort will be vital if you are shopping for an electric guitar to accommodate smaller hands. If a child is the recipient of the guitar, a ¾ guitar such as the Ibanez may be the ideal choice. As his or her hands grow, this will set the stage for a natural transition into a full-sized instrument.

For the beginning guitarist, finding a device with fairly low action will assist in making the learning process more enjoyable. You can view action as the distance between the neck of the guitar and the string. The lower the action, the more breaks your fingers will get to achieve the resonating of the string and the less strain your hand muscles will experience. If the action is set too low, you will notice the strings making a buzzing sound while playing. Therefore, it is essential that a good balance is struck. The action can be adjusted subsequently in the life of the instrument; however, some brands naturally have a higher action than their counterparts.

Even for experienced players, purchasing a guitar for small hands can make it more comfortable to practice, even if they have no plans to use it while performing. Others find that switching back and forth confuses their fingers, so they prefer to use the same guitar for both. In this case, finding a slightly smaller guitar from a trusted brand could be the best solution.

Essentially when looking for the best electric guitar for small hands, it is important to seek out factor like comfort and smallness of the body. In addition, you should look for a short fingerboard and slim neck, thin strings and a tiny gauge.

Kids Guitar Conclusion

kids electric guitar

Before going online and purchasing a guitar to practice on, ensure that you visit your local guitar or music store. This will give you the opportunity to better decide on the one you feel most comfortable with.

The route of shopping for the guitar that is most ideal for your wants and needs could take a while; however, a guitar out there is perfect for you. Whatever instrument you ultimately select, beginners should bear in mind that they are not going to sound remarkable at first. To produce amazing music on your guitar, the most important component is practice.

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