Best Acoustic Guitar For Kids With Small Hands

Besides preference, a few signs are there that would suggest that a small acoustic guitar would be more comfortable for you. The most convincing proof is any extensive discomfort caused by a normal-sized instrument; especially where the neck of the guitar is concerned. If discomfort is consistently experienced in your wrist, fingers or forearm, this could be an indication that you should start looking for the best acoustic guitar for small hands. Regardless of size, a number of these instruments are great overall.

From beginner to advanced, the recommended instruments below fall in this category:

Children’s Acoustic Guitars Recommendations

Baby Taylor BT2 – Our Top Child’s Acoustic Guitar Choice

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  • This guitar has a textured feel with a matte finish and feels quite light for its size.
  • Remarkably, its neck is bolted on by two screws located on the 16th fret.
  • It is roughly the same width as some regular-sized acoustics; however, its shorter scale makes it easier for smaller hands to play.
  • It plays quite amazingly with minimal fret-buzz and it has all-chrome hardware.

For its size, the guitar is surprisingly loud. Compared to other acoustics, it lacks a little on the low end; however, it produces a crisp and lovely mid-to-high range sound. Its size and the bolted neck make an obvious impact on its resonance and a bit of sustain is sacrificed by the light-weight construction. Its lack of a rounded back helps in mediating some of the lack of low-end and resonance. It sounds quite appropriate for its size and construction, delivering a pleasant sound. Its tone is impressive and it would fit well in an acoustic duet with a larger guitar.

This is a remarkable purchase that is not just for children but also for small adults. It is adequately loud for any purpose and has a decent enough sound for recording. Obviously, it does not sound quite as incredible as its larger counterparts; however, it gets the job done and produces good sounds while doing it.

Yamaha JR1 – #2 Kids Acoustic Guitars Choice

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The Yamaha JR1 enables individuals to revel in the tone and quality of a full-size acoustic guitar, in a size that is a lot easier for new players to handle.

  • This instrument is essentially a compact folk guitar that is modeled after the famous FG folk guitar series from Yamaha.
  • With its meranti body and a spruce top, the JR1 produces a big acoustic sound, without the large size.
  • Players with smaller hands, young players and those who want a more travel-friendly device will love the compact size of this guitar.
  • As an added benefit, the Yamaha JR1 comes with a gig bag.

If you are new to playing the acoustic guitar, the compact size of the Yamaha JR1 is something you will love. The smaller size makes wrapping your hands around and playing chords up and down its neck much easier. Even though it is small in size, the Yamaha JR1 is definitely big on sound and quality. You will get a very full, amazingly big acoustic voice out of this high-quality Yamaha instrument. This is the type of instrument that will only sound a lot richer as time goes by. It is the ideal first acoustic guitar for just about any player.

Gibson Maestro 30″

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The Gibson Maestro is an undeniably stunning guitar that enables users to select from 3 different designs/finishes based on their personal preferences.

  • The choices are ebony, natural and vintage sunburst. The vintage sunburst finish seems to be the favorite among the majority of reviewers.
  • The Gibson Maestro 30-inch mini acoustic guitar makes use of a player-tested, time-proven design that is based on the renowned Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar.
  • The design was taken and carefully shrunk down to a size that is ideal for kids and other individuals with small hands.

It delivers a powerful tone and sound, which is truly impressive for its size. In addition, this compact guitar features basswood back, top and sides, select top spruce and a 21-Fret rosewood fingerboard, which is designed for additional ease of play. With the right setup and usage, this little Gibson Maestro guitar will show off its full potential. In addition, the size of its body is perfectly designed and constructed for beginners and individuals with small hands to practice or play with ease. It is the ideal guitar to take to the beach the mountains or anywhere else you travel for work or play.

Lauren LA30N

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  • This right handed 6-string Lauren brand, thirty-inch nylon string guitar is the ideal instrument for the young musician who is still fine-tuning his or her playing skills. As a result of the smaller scale measurement of the guitar, it is remarkable for beginners and players who have smaller hands.
  • The perfect harmony of this remarkable guitar is created by its sound, price, classical body and other aesthetics.

Built from quality woods, the features of this 30-inch nylon string acoustic guitar include its glossed natural finish and durable metal hardware. The guitar is ideal for anyone who is serious about perfecting the craft of playing the acoustic guitar. It is also perfect for individuals who want to have the immediate experience of having the deeper, richer sound that are known to be produced by steel strings. Even though there are not a lot of extras that come with this guitar, it is an authentic instrument that has been specifically designed for individuals who are serious about honing their skills and mastering the playing of acoustic guitars.

Kid’s Acoustic Guitars – What to Look for

The process of acquiring the one is not all that tricky. All it requires is taking a few logical steps. Below is a list of a few things to specifically look out for:

  • Smaller body
  • Shorter fingerboard
  • Light strings
  • Slim neck

Smaller Body

As it directly relates to acoustic models, the smaller body is important as acoustic guitars, by their very nature, have bulkier bodies. This makes them more challenging for smaller players to utilize. A smaller body will enable the user to easily grab a hold of the instrument.

Shorter Fingerboard

It is ideal that you get a fingerboard that has a string length that is between 22 and 24.6 inches. This makes it considerably easier to properly access all the chords since shorter finger length and less power will be required.

Light Strings

As it relates to the strings, getting thinner strings that have a smaller gauge is the first option; they are generally easier to press and play. Furthermore, for acoustic guitar player, replacing the steel strings of the instrument with nylon ones will remarkably enhance the playability factor.

Slim Neck

This feature allows smaller hands to easily grab the chords and start playing. This is great for individuals who would like to play the good ole chops and chords and do so with ease.

Each of these factors impacts the very sound of the guitar. A smaller body is less resonant, the slim neck delivers a sonic attack that is less chunky, light strings have a totally distinct sound to heavy-gauge versions and the nylon strings are an entirely distinct category to steel strings. As such, they should all be tested to see what best suits your overall needs.

Good Child Acoustics Conclusion

acoustic guitars for children

best kids acoustic guitars

As it relates to guitars, the most attention is typically attracted by its sound, shape and style. However, there are more elementary physical characteristics of the instrument that can truly impact your playing style. It is important to avoid guitars that will cause discomfort while playing. Put yourself first and think about the strength and length of your arms, your height and the size of your hands and choose accordingly. When choosing the ideal guitar for yourself, select well-tested quality and never compromise on sound. Making your own music will rely on both great instruments and perfected skills.

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