Children Learning Guitar: What age should they start?

How often have I heard this question…?

My child wants to learn the guitar. How old does he have to be?

There is no easy answer to that question.. However It is possible to get them started fairly early – If you find a good teacher, that is!

Every guitar teacher I talk to has a different opinion on this, but most agree to the basic fundamentals:

  • The child has to be able to comfortably hold the guitar
  • The child needs the strength in their fingers to hold down the strings
  • The child needs commitment and enthusiasm for the guitar

If they have these things, then my personal feeling is that they are old enough, no matter what their age!

All you need is a good teacher, one that understands children, and can communicate in a way that they’ll understand.

If there are no local teachers around you that are suitable, or you wish to simply “test the water” to see if your child has an aptitude for guitar, then there is a very cheap alternative for you to try.
I’ve just discovered this brand new guitar course, which is called Guitar Tips for Kids. In this course, the Author Dario Patrono, has come up with an entire method of learning that is extremely “child friendly”

Guitar Tips for Kids Online Course
Guitar Tips for Kids Online Course

Dario’s Course features loads of clear pictures, plus printable worksheets and streaming video that will show your child step by step how to master the guitar.

It costs less than the cost of two private lessons – and could easily save you hundreds of dollars and many hours of frustration if you embark on guitar lessons before you are ready to.

So check out Guitar Tips for Kids – and let us know how you got on with it!