Piano Video Game

As parents we know that music is a wonderful activity that  incorporates many benefits for children such as encouraging creative thinking, developing math and reading skills and boosting self confidence.

The reality for children is that sometimes they see playing the piano as a chore – another job to do on top of everything else and sometimes they just want to have FUN!

Would’nt it be great if you could have something where you could learn to play the piano using a COMPUTER GAME?

Well, the great news is ….now there is !

In our household, we’ve just started using a new game called “the Piano Wizard” which is hours and hours of fun while you learn.

We found that the children that have used it at our place (friends and family) absolutely loved it – and even children who didn’t know how to play the piano picked it up within minutes!

I don’t think it necessarily replaces music lessons – however if:

  • Your child is learning piano, but is demotivated about practice


  • Your child is learning another instrument, and you’d like them to learn piano AS WELL


  • You’d like the whole family (including yourself) to have a non-violent, educational activity that you can do on the computer…

then check out how we’ve used Piano Wizard at:




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